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 (A.O.) Auto Observation

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(A.O.) Auto Observation Empty
PostSubject: (A.O.) Auto Observation   (A.O.) Auto Observation EmptyWed Apr 21, 2010 5:56 am

Hi, I would like to talk about the Auto Observation.

The auto observation is to observe what we do and how we do it, being councious of our actions that way we can improve our lack of sensitivity. A.O. Helps me many times to notice thing that I may be doing wrong, things that hurt other people feeling without me noticing it, no everythin is verbal most of our actions are oral and most of the time we don't notice what we may be doing wrong.

A.O. is a great way to improve and be a better person because humanbeing dosent make mistakes on purpose but uncounsious of them.
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(A.O.) Auto Observation
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